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Why own a Tanning Business? - Is the Tanning Salon Business Franchise Opportunity for YOU?

tanning franchise opportunity, clients will love the way they look after visiting a tanning franchise spa salon locationIf you are looking for a successful indoor tanning business, tanning bed business, tanning franchise opportunity then this is the place to start.

The tanning franchise industry is an exciting and rewarding opportunity where customers are happy to be in your tanning salon and feel good when they leave. Operating a tanning franchise is rewarding and fun.

Why start a tanning business?

There are tanning salon franchises in over 30 markets in the indoor tanning business The tanning salon business has grown to an over $5 Billion dollar industry. According to the Indoor Tanning Association - ITA "Each year 30 million people - over 10 percent of the American public-visit an indoor tanning facility" With many Americans looking for that youthful, sexy look, tanning franchise opportunities enter into its next stage of growth, helping customers who are looking for a branded solution that will ensure that their health, security and customer service needs are taken care of.

Because both men and women associate a deep, rich tan with health and beauty, your new indoor tanning business franchise opportunity will always be busy with customers year round. The Tanning franchise help train qualified personnel, so that you can enjoy your new success with family and friends, while your customers get the pampering that they crave, indoor tanning! Some options include aqua massage and facials.

The Tanning Salon Business Opportunity

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Tanning salon business - franchise opportunities are one of the biggest growth industries in America, and offers a stable foundation for any new tanning business owner to grow and profit. The companies offering these indoor tanning business - franchise opportunities are well established not only in the tanning salon business - franchise industry but also in the tanning salon business - franchise industry and will impart years of knowledge on you in order to help you become as successful as they are.

To start a tanning salon business is a big step! In order to show you a how you to can have proven success, you need to investigate the listed tanning salon business franchise opportunities and request more information today! Don't make a mistake, get the facts about all the tanning franchise opportunities available in your market. It pays to do your homework.

Look at all the tanning salon business franchise options. The franchise development manager are there to help you find the tanning salon business - franchise opportunity that best matches your needs. Use this service, the power of knowledge is available to you.

More about Indoor Tanning Business

According to ITA, Indoor Tanning Association, " The Practice of indoor tanning became widespread in Europe, particularly in the sun-deprived northern countries, in the 1970's. Europeans started tanning indoors with sunlamps that emitted ultraviolet (UV) light as a therapeutic exercise to harness the positive psychological and physiological effects of exposure to UV light. The first indoor tanning business facility in the United States was established in the late 1970s. The industry grew rapidly in the 1980s and 90s; today, there are over 25,000 professional indoor tanning businesses in thousands of towns across America. Each year 30 million people - over 10 percent of the American public - visit an indoor tanning business facility." Wow, what a great history of the tanning business. There is even a "Tanning World Expo" event every year. Check out the Expo

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indoor, massage, LaVida Our business model enables us to provide the highest quality services at affordable rates, allowing people who have never tried massage to benefit from the health and wellness aspects of this wonderful modality.

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